62: Casino Night - Michael Scott Pod

Michael invites Jan to the Casino Night, but she declines. Afterwards, he announces to the office that the employee with the highest chip count will get a mini-fridge and $500 to donate to the charity of their choice. Jim and Pam set out to watch horrible band demo tapes for Pam's wedding. Jim explains to the documentary crew that he met with Jan about the sales position in Stamford because he The Michael Scott Podcast Company takes a deep dive into NBC’s ‘The Office’. Hosts Sean Roney, Edwin Janes, and Alex Ward look at the moments, arcs, and characters that make up the show’s 9-season run, and why it remains so popular after all these years. For new and old fans alike, the show punches back in to the world of Dunder Mifflin Scranton for another conference room meeting. Tags: the office, season 2, highlight, Dunder Mifflin, casino night, michael scott, steve carell, lady fortune, glowsticks, gamble, Craps, texas hold em, Gambler There are plenty of good reasons to keep a secret; one of the best is outlined in a childhood rhyme (that Michael Scott interprets as a profound nugget of wisdom) in a third-season episode of The Office: Secrets are harmful. They’re harmful for everyone involved, but as toxic as it is to push thoughts and feelings and beliefs into a dark corner of the mind where no one else can find them, th In "Casino Night," Michael remarks that the Lincoln assassination only recently became okay to joke about, punctuating his gaff with "I need a hole in the head." This joke must have permeated throughout the culture of The Office writing room because it reappeared in the season eight episode, "Gettysburg," courtesy of Gabe Lewis. © 2020 The Daily Beast Company LLC. Advertise With Us

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