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(20, F, MI) I'm going on an overnight trip, and made a hotel reservation. Problem is, I didn't realize that hotel has a minimum check in age of 21, and I'm 20.

So I'm trying to unwind a bit, and in the process learning to adult a bit more. With two days off work in a row, I figured I'd head up to Petoskey State Park on Tuesday next week to do some hiking and swimming, just to unwind a bit. Then since I have a therapy appointment in Mount Pleasant, I figured I'd hit up Soaring Eagle Casino, get a hotel room for the night, and then I'd go to my therapy session and head home after any extra exploration for the day. I booked at Holiday Inn with my debit card(Tried my credit card, didn't work for some reason), went to leave the site, and THEN noticed that the check in age is 21. I'm not 21 for about four months. To make matters worse, I don't really look like my ID these days because I'm transitioning, and so I usually use a different name than my legal one(which since it's on my cards, I had to use for my reservation).
Are they going to let me, a 20 year old girl with a man's name, ID, and credit cards(that are actually mine), check in properly? If not, can I get refunded and try elsewhere? Money isn't too tight, but I don't want to spend over $100 on a hotel room only to be unable to use it.
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Taking a mini-vacation, even one where I didn't really do anything, was just what I needed.

I've worked at a retail supermarket for almost 2 years now, and the COVID pandemic was honestly one of the most stressful things ever. I even had a couple of episodes of attempting to cut, and one tricky moment where I considered gouging an eye out because I felt like such a wretched creature that I didn't deserve two. It did have the upside of forcing me to recognize that I'm bipolar or something along those lines(I think my therapist and doctor both said I sound bipolar to them, even if I don't get mania, more so hypomania and lately I've been having some crazy rapid cycling).
My family and I have had a somewhat strained relationship as of late, but my stepmom did give me one good suggestion; "Take a day or two off work in a row and go take a trip; you need it." I figured that couldn't hurt, right? Well my normal day off is Wednesday, and this week, I got Tuesday off. So being a Michigander, I made the plan of attack to make my way to Petoskey to do some hiking and swimming at a state park, head back down to Mount Pleasant, hit up the local tribal casino, then get a hotel room for the night and go to therapy in the morning before heading home.
I had a great time; I just recently got Spotify Premium so I had downloaded playlists for my trip, including Avenue Q and Hamilton, as well as various music playlists. I spent so much of the trip paying attention to the landscapes; rolling hills and massive valleys, and so many verdant forests of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, there was bad rain when I finally made it into Petoskey and there was no one manning the state park booth to buy a pass of off. I was just gonna grab a quick bite, but I decided I'd try to head to Mt Pleasant instead. More of the beautiful landscapes showed up on the way; some I had seen before due to my routes both being opposite sides of the same highway, and some I had not yet seen.
I checked into my hotel room after being on the road for nearly 6 hours, took some time to just relax, channel surf the hotel TV, and set up my stuff before I went to the casino.
I've been pretty hypomanic the past couple days, so this was like the world's best playground. I blew a ton of cash on slots, but I also made an okay amount of money back playing the video poker and blackjack(since the card tables have a limit of 3 at a time with COVID, and everyone was crowding there. I wore a mask and stayed as far away from people as possible). I made my way back to the hotel, grabbed a pizza from the hotel bar and shot the wind with some road crew guys(the one guy talked about how he thinks COVID was developed in a lab to distract people from whatever's really going on), and then went to my room to relax a bit.
It may be that I'm hypomanic or something, but today was amazing. I don't care about work, my family, any of it. I don't mind that I wasn't able to go swimming at the beach or go hiking on the trails. I don't care that I was all worked up about not being quite old enough for the hotel's check-in age(they asked that you be 21 to check in, but I'm still 20 for 4 months; they never asked for any kind of ID or anything, just took my card, punched the numbers, and put me in a room. Hell, I don't mind walking away from the video poker and blackjack machines with $33 less than I walked in with. It was just what I needed; time away from all the bullshit. I only half-seriously wonder if maybe I need to just do this permanently. If I weren't a trans lesbian, maybe I could do the drifter thing, but I don't think that's viable. Still, I wonder if quitting my job and getting a new start somewhere else would be what I need in the long term. It's not financially viable, or I probably would have by now.
Still, even though all I did was drive around for 6 hours before gambling for 2 hours and then crashing in the cheapest room Holiday Inn offers, I feel better than I have in weeks outside of pure hypomania.
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Going on vacation to Michigan--rock hound locations, please!

My parents live near Traverse City, so I have a giant pile of Petoskey stones already! We are going to Leeland this time around, so I'd love to find some Leelanau Blue, even though it's slag. Thoughts on the best location?

Likewise, my parents want to spend the night in Brimley on Whitefish Bay (they love casino trips, haha). Is there any chance I can find agates around there, or will I have to round Whitefish Point and get out of the bay?

I've found glacial float copper before, so my Michigan collecting list is almost done. Or am I missing anything else?
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Does anyone play regularly in Michigan? What are the best spots to play?

I made a list of casinos within a 5 hour circle from me. I have no way of determining if any are utilizing CSM's or are still fully playable houses. I'm hoping the bulk of these are still tried and true places I can work on my counting practice. I recently took a road trip passed the UP and into Ontario but all of the Ontario casinos employ CSMs very reliably (that I've seen so far on my last business trip) so that whole area is out. Plus, there aren't nearly as many casinos so densely compacted like there are in Michigan.
I thought I'd simply dump'em here and see if anyone has experience at these places.
Northern and Central MI has a shitload of casinos. I'm new to the state so I haven't been to a single one of these yet but I'm going to start checking them out hopefully in a couple months once I'm settled in and figure out my bankroll situation.
The only house I've heard any feedback from is Turtle Creek in Traverse City and that it's an excellent place to play.
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Rawktoberfest with /u/bigboy111981 and some extras!

So this month for the monthly trade, I got paired with bigboy111981. What a wonderful trade we proposed - 6 beverages of the barley & hops variety, and "ten" cigars (he added the quotes). I knew this meant I needed to prepare well because he probably can't count like most B/SOTL (myself included), and oh was I right. Here's the album of the wonderful stuff he sent. Almost all new sticks to me, my collection of sticks I need to try is QUICKLY getting out of hand - guess that means I need to stop hoarding, start smoking more one offs from my humi, and find out what I want to start buying boxes of, right?
I got:
On top of the cigars, I got a 6 pack of what look like great beers! 6x Horny Monk from Petoskey Brewing. Super excited to get these cold & enjoy one, I love Dubbels.
It doesn't end there though! This generous bastard found out I play poker, so he included a couple of decks of card from the casino he works at, as well as a card protector - BTW, totally not cheesy, I was actually shopping for one of these the other day!
Thanks a lot Jake - so many new sticks for me to try, and some new beer! Never know, I may be messaging you to ship out in bulk, I love Belgian whites, and how can you go wrong with a name like Horny Monk?!? PS - I hope you like what I sent and that it gets there safely! Since I forgot to pack the note, I'll keep an eye out & type it into a comment when you post.
On top of this awesome trade, I've gotten some crazy stuff in the past two days! Yesterday, turducken89 found some Opus A & other awesome Opus goodies (Angel's Share & Robusto tin), and the last box of the CCOTM box split came in today!
tl;dr - bigboy111981 is a standup BOTL, and sends some awesome sticks!
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[WTS] .999 Casino Silver Strikes

Hi All,
I have the following lot for sale: http://imgur.com/a/ccOi5 SOLD
All Are .999 Fine Silver Strikes (approx 0.6 troy oz per round):
$7 Stardust Las Vegas
$10 Sam's Town Las Vegas
$10 Gold Coast Las Vegas
$10 Harvey's Lake Tahoe
$10 Bill's Lake Tahoe
$10 Gold Country Motor Inn Elko, Nevada
$10 Victories Casino Petoskey, Michigan
$10 King Kong, Stratosphere 1996 Las Vegas
$10 Luxor Las Vegas
$10 McCarran International Airport Las Vegas EDIT: Now pictured.
Two .999 Silver Rounds from Deadwood, SD
Harley Davidson Fat Boy 1990
Crocker 1938
Both motorcycle rounds have Black Hills Sturgis, SD on the reverse, and the quote "Guard well your freedom once gone it's hell to get back."
I'd like to let these go as a set, I'll accept PayPal G&S (+3%) or we can discuss.
Shipping at your cost.
First $110 takes the whole lot. SOLD
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⛏WHERE’S THE GOLD? SLOT MACHINE ⛏ 2 SWEET BONUSES ODAWA CASINO PETOSKEY, MICHIGAN Odawa Casino Vlog - YouTube Driving to Odawa Casino in Petoskey at night - YouTube Odawa Casino - YouTube REEL EM IN SLOT MACHINE 🎣 🎰 CATCH THE BIG ONE 2 💰 ODAWA ... Storage Wars Come Meet us At Odawa Casino Petoskey Michigan July 19th Simply Elton - In Concert at the Odawa Casino, Petoskey, Michigan

Odawa Casino Resort delivers Vegas-level excitement with a quaint Petoskey address. Take a seat at your favorite slot machine or table game, experience gourmet dining at Sage, and complete your escape with one of our hotel packages at our AAA 3 Diamond Resort. Odawa Casino - Petoskey location delivers Vegas-style gaming in the heart of Northern Michigan. With more than 50,000 square feet to welcome players of every skill level, you'll be sure to feel the pure excitement and warm hospitality here. Take a seat at your favorite table or slot machine! At Odawa Casino Petoskey, everything comes together to enhance the player experience for those 19 and ... Petoskey, Michigan: Hotel casinos and gambling details including up-to-date casino news, holdem tourneys, slots information, parimutuel (dogs & horses), and more subjects. Contact information and pictures of many casinos in Petoskey. 12 Bewertungen für Odawa Casino Resort in Petoskey. Lesen Sie Erfahrungsberichte und Insider-Infos, anonym von Mitarbeitern gepostet. Petoskey Casino. Askme Bingo aims to meet and satisfy people’s need for information and reviews about online bingo sites. It is the perfect platform where people can get updates and reviews about certain online bingo websites. A relatively new planet 7 casino no deposit bonus codes in the market, people are saying payouts are disproportionately high in an attempt to hook new customers. For ... Best Casino Hotels in Petoskey on Tripadvisor: Find 261 traveler reviews, 29 candid photos, and prices for casino hotels in Petoskey, MI. The Odawa Casino & Hotel opened in 2007 and in situated in Petoskey, Michigan. This casino offers 1 000 slot machines, a table games, a poker room and a high-limit room. In the resort, two restaurants available: Copper Café and Sage, as well as 127 comfortable rooms and 10 suites, a parking,a karaoke & night club (Ozone), garage, an indoor-pool and a jacuzzi. Concerts and comedy shows are ... Petoskey Casino Hotels Near Top Attractions. Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark (14.6 mi) Boyne Mountain (14.56 mi) Nub's Nob Ski Area (6.75 mi) Boyne Highlands Resort (6.88 mi) Odawa Casino (2.01 mi) Castle Farms (14.92 mi) Tunnel of Trees (11.55 mi) Lake Charlevoix (12.6 mi) Burt Lake State Park (16.15 mi) McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital (0.69 mi) Mushroom House (15.5 mi) Petoskey State Park ... New games Petoskey Mi Casinos are constantly being released at JackpotCity Online Casino, and table games Petoskey Mi Casinos are no different. While standard blackjack, roulette and other table games Petoskey Mi Casinos are available, new versions are constantly released, or original games refreshed, to keep the line-up exciting. One such innovation, and a new release from Real Dealer, is the ... The casino was clean and had many COVID precautions. There was plenty of parking, but limited food. I only noticed the Starbucks open. It was not crowded the day I went (a Monday morning). I did not visit the gaming tables, just the slots. There were many penny machines

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ODAWA CASINO ~ PETOSKEY, MI Like, Thumbs Up, Comment, Share and please SUBSCRIBE! TWITTER @bizick INSTAGRAM BIZICK SNAPCHAT BIZICK Just playing slots at my M... Carl, Sally, Mom & Pops Driving to Odawa Casino in Petoskey at night Odawa Casino Resort is an entertainment destination like no other. The setting is casually elegant. The gaming is exceptional with nearly 1,300 slots, dozens... We are coming to Michigan July 19th to the Odawa Casino . Come meet us in front of the Ovation hall from 7pm until 9pm. You can Watch Rene and Casey Nezhoda in their Storage Wars Adventures by ... 💬 Discord: https://discord.gg/q7sgdw8 Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyle2000yt Recorded May 27, 2018 Today I visit the Odawa Casino Resort in Petoskey, MI. ht... Simply Elton performs live at the Odawa Casino in Petoskey, Michigan on Sept. 27, 2014. Backed by the Ultimate Legends Band, the show also included tributes to Johnny Cash, Rod Stewart and Neil ... ODAWA CASINO ~ PETOSKEY, MI Like, Thumbs Up, Comment, Share and please SUBSCRIBE! TWITTER @bizick INSTAGRAM BIZICK SNAPCHAT BIZICK Just playing slots at my M... ODAWA CASINO - PETOSKEY, MI Like, Thumbs Up, Comment, Share and please SUBSCRIBE! TWITTER https://twitter.com/bizick INSTAGRAM BIZICK Just playing slots at m...