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Velma Buttolph (Feb. 14, 1931 - Dec. 31, 2020)

Velma Valentine Buttolph
Feb. 14, 1931 - Dec. 31, 2020
The angels came for our Valentine on the last day of 2020.
Born in S.E. Portland to John and Margaret Blanton our incredible lady was hospitalized her last three weeks. During her final week, our son, Randy, stayed next to her, on a roll away so she would not pass alone.
Born poor during The Depression, but rich in life adventures.
Shortly after moving to Willamette her preschool was interrupted as her father was placed in a veteran's hospital in Roseburg and, as minors were not allowed to visit, she did not see her father again until on her honeymoon trip.
In Willamette, a second family was acquired, the Bietscheks, resulting in a lifelong girlfriend, Nori.
The love of outdoors kept her near or in the Willamette River learning to be an excellent swimmer. Swimming the entire width and back out to meet tugboats and swim under log rafts.
Velma attended West Linn High School where she met Vern, and they eventually married June 1, 1949. Both mothers served as witnesses. Her love of travel was set crossing the states, where, with children in tow, twice accompanied Vern to Ft. Benning, Ga. In early years vacations were mostly used for camping in the county, state, and national parks with trips to Canada, Mexico and Disneyland. This was accomplished in 10 passenger station wagons. In later years, motor home travel took us to Washington, D.C., Niagara Falls, Key West, Branson, Graceland, Dollywood and countless other places. Anniversaries were celebrated in travel. Alaska cruise, Canada, Hawaii on our 50th a month-long trip to Europe with brother-in-law Lloyd and Ruth. Velma was a devoted mother to a daughter, Jodi; five sons, Ron, a special needs child, Randy, Dennis, Steven and Tracy. She also helped raise several neighborhood kids.
Our Wonder Woman kept an immaculate house and was active in PTA and neighborhood associations. She was the cosponsor of the Clackamas County Association for Retarded Citizens in the 1950's resulting in school programs ahead of the state mandate for special education.
Velma enjoyed fishing, flower gardening, Blazers, casinos, travel and clan picnics. Those that pre-deceased her were her son, Ron; mother and father; sisters, Wilma, Lucille, Marie; brothers, Virgil, James and John. Those she left behind are her husband Vern of 71 years and seven months; daughter, Jodi; sons, Randy, Dennis, Steven and Tracy; son-in-law, Rick; grandson, Travis; sister, Danyale; sister-in-law, Peggy; brother-in-law, Jerry. Her neighbor friends and church family of Oregon City United Methodist.
We wish to extend our appreciation to the Providence Portland Hospital for the kindness and compassion they showed our incredible lady. The clergy and James were top notch. We were blessed with a long happy marriage.
A memorial service will be organized later when gatherings can be safely held. Willamette National Cemetery will be her final resting place.
To the world she was just one, to us she was the world.
Please sign the online guest book at
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Here's a list of places for people to go to in southern Oregon. That need help.

MEDFORD New Life Naz
CENTRAL POINT (currently under evacuation) At The Expo, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Oregon
ASHLAND Ashland High School - Ashland, OR Southern Oregon University
JACKSONVILLE Jacksonville Presbyterian Church
EAGLE POINT Eagle Point Community Bible Church
GRANTS PASS Josephine County Fairgrounds for evacuees with livestock Parkway Christian Center Edgewater Christian Fellowship Grants Pass Shopping Center parking lot ST Anne's catholic church Cascade mtn ranch Liberty pentecostals
Jackson/Josephine County Evacuation Sites contact information
Harvest Time Fellowship – 25 people for evacuation – Jerry Frasier 707-845-6310 345 2nd Street Gold Hill, OR Call to confirm room
Edgewater Christian Fellowship – 50 people – (541) 474-7172 101 Assembly Cir, Grants Pass, OR 97526
Add Cascade Mountain Ranch in Hugo and to contact Amy at 5418908435
East Evans Creek Community Center – 50 people (541) 582-6006 8205 E Evans Creek Rd, Rogue River, OR 97530
Items needed: Blankets, sleeping bags, walkers and wheelchairs. These items may be brought to Gate 3 at the Jackson County at 1 Peninger Road in Central Point.
Del Rio Winery in Gold Hill is accepting donations of clothing, sleeping bags, blankets, toiletries, non-perishable food, etc. And they also post a link to Rogue Credit Union if you want to donate to the fund being established for financial assistance. Douglas County Evacuation Sites
Glide Middle School parking lot Accepting horses only at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, 2110 Frear St, Roseburg
Tillamook County Evacuation Sites
Tillamook County Fairgrounds Washington County Evacuation Sites Mountainside High School, 12500 SW 175th Ave, Beaverton.
Clackamas County Evacuation Sites
Estacada School District – all campuses Clackamas Community College Livestock are being accepted at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds. Lincoln County Evacuation Sites
Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City Oregon Coast Community College in South Beach
Lane County Evacuation Sites
Thurston High School (333 58th St, Springfield, OR 97478) for those who were able to evacuate to the west. Those who evacuated east are encouraged to head toward the Deschutes County Fairgrounds in Redmond (3800 SE Airport Way).
Yamhill County Evacuation Sites
Yamhill County Fairgrounds – livestock safe sheltering Mountainside High School, 12500 SW 175th Ave, Beaverton Newberg High School at 2400 Douglas Avenue
A hotline has been established to answer questions regarding resources available to those affected by the fires and for updates. Citizens can call 503-474-4944. Coos County Evacuation Sites None listed currently
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Is 'UMPQUA' even a word ?! = To my surprise, it's an Oregon State / Willamette River Thing.

This happened in The Summer 2000. (( Relocated to Oregon, from California - since May of 1998.))
- previously uploaded a 'Psychic Circle Style Board' by Farber & Zerner board. ( In case nobody has an idea.)
Unfolding The Product out of the Box, in Quarters... with an acrylic wheel. (( This one had at least 30 pages, with some background on how The Designer / Author debated on The Final Consumer Product.)) Some Differences between THIS and PATHFINDER, had a different set of Animal and Plant Symbols with stones.

Some Background = Flatfoot and Nez Pierce Native Indians live in Pacific Coast North West. Each and every year around JUNE - There's a GRAND RONDE CASINO that contributes to PORTLAND ROSE PARADE.

My Roommate isn't into THIS KIND OF STUFF --- so he went on to watch his RETRO TELEVISION SHOWS, in another room.

I'm by my own, with a loose leaf notebook, and some pens in hand... in case something 'FUNNY' should happen.

::: My knowledge of Spanish, and Gaelige Irish - is enough to tell if a bunch of NONSEQUENCE set of letters and numbers would scrawl across, with the Acrylic Round Item. If there were any kind of knowledge about CHEROKEE / Tslangi - for hello and goodbye - or some Important Character in History named Sequoiah might say something. :::

What I did get - Sah- Tah. ( It ment, Be Happy.) Found out from looking on The Internet, for the Cherokee Word List.

UMPQUA, turns out to be a RIVER that goes along a town called ROSEBURG, by Highway 05.
Recently: OCT 2015 - The Community College suffered from a Shooting Massacre. This quickly caught the attention of 'anyone' that has seen another EVENT from one other STATE. One Reporter from KGW-8 wanted to quit, right after reporting on this Particular Incident. --- A series of SHOOTINGS were happening --- and here's another one.

... Felt bad, didn't think ANYTHING would happen...
'Sah-Tah.' ( Be Happy ) came out.

It took a while, to get on with life... even a year later in Spring of 2016.
One Building had to be 'Torn down Entirely' because of the Amount of Bullets embedded in the Walls, Ceiling, and Floor.

From this situation - I ended up using a Pendulum, since it moved faster than the Acrylic Piece that came with the board, and continued to try different techniques. There's moments in which I would question WORD SPELLINGS that just don't seem to look familiar.

This is perhaps - all I could come up with... and wanted to continue to study PARANORMAL STUFF.
... just didn't expect some Painful Life Lessons along the way...
keep your head up.
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Travel Tuesdays--Pickett Butte

Afternoon everybody, nice seeing you again. As you might know, the mods have asked me to do a bi-weekly travel post and this is the second one. Last time on Travel Tuesday, I highlighted Champoeg State Park, and since that is only a 30 minute drive from downtown I decided to go a little further afield this time and clue you in to one of my favorite long weekend trips: The Pickett Butte Lookout Tower.
Pickett Butte is about a 4 1/2 hour drive, so I strongly suggest you do this on a three-day weekend. Staying two nights at the lookout is much better than just one. If you stay just one night, you have to worry about packing up the next morning, and that's just not what lookouts are all about. Besides, you'll want to break this trip up into two sections so you can stay a night in either Roseburg or Canyonville.
Roseburg is, well, it is what it is. Most people know it as the place to get gas after you stop at Wildlife Safari. Perhaps you stopped in Roseburg while trying to get your McMenamin's passport stamped, or maybe you accidentally stole a bunch of panties from the Douglas County deputy sheriff's daughter when she left her Honda Element unlocked in the parking lot of the Garden Valley Mall so now you don't even leave the freeway anymore when you're in the area.
Regardless, I always make it a point to stop at Draper Brewing when I'm in town. The first time I went there, I told the bartendress (while she was switching LPs from The Kinks on the turntable behind the bar, no less!) that I specifically came to Roseburg to try their beer. She made a quick phone call, and Sam (the owner and brewer) drove down from his house with some special release bottles in hand. I was impressed. Their pub is right in the downtown area, so if you go on a weekend night, you get to see all the teenagers "cruising," which in Roseburg means lots of raised Dodge Rams with fake testicles hanging from the rear bumper. Not sure why that is a thing, but after a few cream stouts it is hilarious.
After hitting up the brewhouse, you have to make a choice: You can stay at the Rose City Motel, which is my favorite place to stay in Roseburg because every room looks like it was designed by the founding members of AARP--and Kathy will give you 10% off your room if you're nice enough and don't make any dumb jokes about the decor. OR, you can head south on the freeway another half hour to the Seven Feathers Casino, where the founding members of AARP are actually hanging out. I mean, KC and the Sunshine Band played there last weekend, so you have a rough idea of their demographic. You can shit on me all you want for saying this, but there is something to be said about reliving the 1990s by smoking cigarettes--indoors!--at a cheesy sports bar, eating mozzarella sticks, and drinking Widmer Hef. I have driven farther for less, that's for sure.
In the morning, you can take a long swim in the hotel pool, which is actually kinda nice because it's huge and warm and if you go early you'll avoid the families that thought it was a good idea to bring their children to a casino. Before leaving town, you can stop at Promise Natural Foods (the only hippie food store between Eugene and Medford?) for supplies. But let's be honest, hopefully you filled up your cooler with at least some horrible crap like hot dogs and nacho cheese back in Roseburg. There is no water at Pickett Butte, so plan on bringing at least a couple gallons with you for drinking and washing up.
After that long throat-clearing preamble, you're ready to drive up to the lookout. Spoiler alert, but here's a short video of the place. You'll notice that it is outfitted with propane lights. It also has propane heat, stove, and even a fridge--which is extremely posh as far as USFS rentals go. I can never get the fridge to work here, but the heat is a huge plus since I usually go mid-April or in the beginning of October. It's at 3200 feet, so it can get a little cold. That picture shows there is a picnic table, fire pit, and room for some tents at the base of the fire tower in case you have brought multiple friends up for an epic camping trip. If you came alone, Edward Abbey, then you'll have to haul your gear up the stairs. If you brought someone with you there is a handy crate and pulley system that is probably just more fun than efficient. Climb up the very steep 40 steps and you'll find a 14'x14' room that includes a twin-sized cot, map table, and a glass-legged stool that you stand on in case of lightning storms. There's also, of course, a catwalk that surrounds the entire lookout. The outhouse is about 30 yards from the base of the stairs, so bring a bucket if you plan on drinking a lot of beer. Or if your girlfriend is pregnant. Or if you just really like buckets.
Once you have all your stuff inside and you've figured out how to make the place warm without breathing in too much propane, you'll notice that there is absolutely nothing to do. You'll look out onto the waves of forested hills and hear the silence and smell the mist coming up from the Umpqua. You might be tempted to pull your phone out and check your messages or your email, but don't. If you do, you'll miss out on one of the most important parts of this adventure: Smart phones killed a lot of things, but one thing you may not think about too much is how smart phones killed the art of the fire lookout journal.
I swear, if I were still lost somewhere in my twenties, I would take a summer off and visit as many lookouts or USFS cabins as possible and make a book out of the pages you find in journals (and if you steal my idea, you owe me 15% of the gross, not the net).
Nothing you read on the internet can ever be more helpful than some of the stuff you find in the journals at these places. Sometimes things get weird , sometimes things get funny, and sometimes you just wanna give someone a high-five (By the way, Gabe, I cleaned off your girlfriend's boogers).
Don't get me wrong. There are a ton of things to do around there besides reading journals. If it's a hot day, the lizards come out and sun themselves on the rocks. Multiple wildflowers come out in the springtime, and the daisies are still sprouting at the end of September. There are more birds out there than you can name. Meteor showers. Coyotes. Huckleberry pancakes. Wind storms. Oral sex. Pretty much anything. Just please write it all down in the provided journal. It's a dying art form.
You can reserve nights at Pickett Butte Lookout, or almost any other USFS facility here.
BONUS: If you found the journal pages amusing, I've created a small album of more here.
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Casino Lacoe Rich Warrants

Kunert Electric - Roseburg, Oregon - Dec 2016 - Duration: 4:54. Billy Smith 218 views. 4:54. ... Wild Horse Casino Pow-Wow 2008 - Duration: 4:48. sonnydwkl Recommended for you. 4:48 . Graffiti ... Canyonville, an historic community of Oregon, is situated at the north end of Canyon Creek Canyon, and opens into the valley of the South Umpqua, about six m... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A Production by Boris Sljivic Hans Zimmer - Like a Dog Chasing Cars2.) Hans Zimmer - Molossus... Freaks Unleashed - Splitz Bar & Grill, Roseburg - Duration: 15:51. Billy Smith 1,017 views. 15:51. Mile Post 8 - Roseburg Rocks 7 Feathers Casino - Duration: 5:54. Billy Smith 861 views. 5:54 . 6 ... Body cam of Douglas County sheriff on Nov. 14, 2019. 1:24 Entire van covered in messages. 2:31 old pier is nothing but posts in the water. If someone was to count the number of these worthless posts in the wate... Streamt ,,Magnetisch´´ auch auf Spotify, iTunes etc.ünstler: Nico Ros... This short documentary tells the story of Harold & Eda Oberg, & the film footage they recorded of the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941. The couple ca...